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Welcome to the website of the Romanian Horses in Distress Foundation

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The Romanian Horses in Distress Foundation raises funds to support projects that will improve the well-being of  workhorses and stray horses in Romania. That is urgently needed: tens of thousands of workhorses are living under very bad conditions. They are undernourished, injured, or suffer from serious hoof problems while often having to cover distances of over 100 kilometres a day. In addition, Romania has a growing number of stray horses that are left to their own devices.

On our website you can read more about the problems regarding the well-being of workhorses and stray horses in Romania and what our foundation is doing to improve their lives. Your help is essential for us to offer the horses in Romania a better life. This website will show you a number of ways in which you can help us.

There are some disturbing pictures on this website, but we want to show you what is going on in large parts of Romania. We urgently need your help!

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